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Beethoven's Revolutionary Approach to Tonality
(For the series "Music without Frontiers" of the Croatian Musicological Society.)

Classical and Medieval Literature.
Chapter: “Marcabru and the Foundations of Modern Song.”
(Layman Poupard Publishing, for Cengage Leaning / Gale).

In Print:

The Cambridge Companion to Duke Ellington
(Cambridge University Press) Editor and contributor. 2014.

China and the West: The Birth of a New Music
中国与西方:一种新音乐的诞生 ( Shanghai Conservatory Press). 2009.

Robert Simpson: Essays, Interviews, Recollections
Chapter: “The Cosmos and the String Quartet—Simpson’s Chamber Music in Philosophic Perspective.” (Georg Olms Verlag). 2013.

Revista del Instituto de Investigación Musicológica “Carlos Vega—2012”
(Pontifical Universidad Católica, Buenos Aires.)  Chapter: “La fuga y la Revolución Francesa--una consideración de la música de Antón Reicha.”2012.

The Grove Dictionary of American Music (2nd edition)
(Oxford University Press).  Seven entries on Chinese-American composers:  Chou Wen-chung, Tan Dun, Zhou Long, Chen Yi, Bright Sheng, Ge Ganru, and Lei Liang. 2012.

Celebrating the Centenary of Bernard Herrmann
Editor and contributor to this special issue of Popular Music History. Vol.6, 2. Essay: “Bernard Herrmann—‘Pop’ Composer?”2011.

Encyclopedia of African American Music
(Greenwood Publications) “Jazz (Swing);” “Big Band Leaders.” 2010.

Revista del Instituto de Investigación Musicológica “Carlos Vega—2010”
(Pontifical Universidad Católica, Buenos Aires.)  Chapter: “Scelsi en la corriente convencional: una consideración de su Trio a cordes.” 2010.

Music’s Intellectual History
(RILM Perspectives Series)  Chapter: “The Impact of Rousseau on the Music Histories of Burney and Hawkins.” 2009.

Haydn—Beyond the Anniversary
Guest editor for this special double issue of the Journal of Musicological Research.
Publication: 2009.

China and the West: The Birth of a New Music
Editor and contributor to this double issue of Contemporary Music Review, vol. 26 Parts 5 + 6. (2007) Chapter: “The Impact of Buddhist Thought on the Music of Zhou Long.” Published (2009) by Shanghai Conservatory Press in Chinese translation, with the title: 中国与西方:一种新音乐的诞生

Encyclopedia of Sex, Love & Courtship in the Medieval World
(Greenwood Publications, 2008) Five articles: “Marcabru;” “Troubadours;” “Trobaritzes;” “Minnesingers;” “Meistersingers.”

Teaching Music in the Urban Classroom
(Rowman and Littlefield, 2006) Chapter: “Music of Every Culture Has Something in Common and Can Teach Us About Ourselves.” (Co-authored with Alan Shapiro).

Proceedings of the Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology
(Department of Musicology, University of Graz, 2004). Chapter: “Aesthetic Realism: A New Foundation for Interdisciplinary Musicology.” (Co-authored with anthropologist, Dr. Arnold Perey).

“Mozart—and the Art of Asymmetrical Rhythm”
Проблемы Музыкальной Науки. Scheduled: Vol. 14 (Scheduled for Winter, 2015-2016)

“Lovely Ritmos, Meter Mad—Hypermeter and the Music of the Beatles”
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music
. Scheduled: Vol. 43/2 (Scheduled for Summer, 2015)

“The Star-Spangled Banner as a Poem” (introductory essay to Eli Siegel's classic study of that title) Choral Journal. Vol. 55/4 (November, 2014)

 “What is Authentic Musicology?—On the Festschrift Honoring Stanislav Tuksar”
Проблемы Музыкальной Науки. Vol. 13 (Winter, 2013)

“A New Look at the Ployer/Attwood Notebooks—Or, Mozart: Teacher of Chromatic Completion.”
Проблемы Музыкальной Науки.
Vol. 12 (Summer, 2013)

“Beethoven and Elliptical Tonality.”
Проблемы Музыкальной Науки.
Vol. 10 (Summer, 2012)

Did Ellington Believe in an Afro-Eurasian Eclipse?”
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music. Vol. 43/1
(Summer, 2012).

“How Old! How New!—Some Notes on Schönberg’s Setting of Petrarch for the Serenade, Op. 24.”
Vol. 66 (Winter 2011-2012)

“Harmony and the Oneness of Opposites: Teaching Music Theory through Aesthetic Realism.”
Hellenic Journal of Music, Education, and Culture.
(2/1—Winter, 2011).

“The Mind of Adolf Hitler: A Study in the Unconscious Appeal of Contempt.”
Expositions: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities. (5/2—Winter, 2011)

“Chromatic Completion in the Late Masses of Haydn.”
Haydn. Premiere issue, on-line. (Fall, 2011).

“Steiner, Korngold, and the Musical Expression of Physical Space— A Preliminary Note.”
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology
of Music.(42/1—June, 2011)

“Ellington’s Harlem Airshaft—A True Programmatic Composition.”
Journal of Jazz Studies. Premiere issue, on-line: (Spring, 2011)

“Chopin, Aesthetic Realism, and the Question of Greatness in Music."
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music.(Scheduled, issue 41/2—December, 2010)

“The String Quartets of Robert Simpson: An Introduction
The Chamber Music Journal. Vol. 21/2 (Summer, 2010)

“Haydn’s “Secret ‘Dodecaphonic’ Art.”
Journal of Music and Meaning.
Issue 8. (Winter, 2009-2010)

“Haydn and Ellington: Parallel Lives?—A Musicological Jeu d’esprit.”
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music. Vol. 40/2 (Winter, 2009)

“The Musical Aesthetics of the Rev. H.R. Haweis—A New Look at a Surprisingly Adventurous Victorian Mind.”
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music. Vol. 39/2 (Winter, 2008)

“It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got that Grundgestalt”— Ellington from
a Motivic Perspective.”

Jazz Perspectives. Vol. 2/2 (July, 2008)

“Bach and Chromatic Completion—A New Field for Analytic Research.”
Bach Notes. Issue 9 (Spring, 2008)

“What’s Life Got to Do with It?— Schönberg’s Most Radical Idea.”
Composer: USA The Bulletin of the National Association of Composers, USA. Series IV, Vol. 14/1 (Spring, 2008)

“Reconsidering Rousseau’s Le devin du village—an Opera of Surprising
and Valuable Paradox.”

Ars Lyrica. Vol. 16 (Winter, 2007)

“Meeting the New: What 21st Century Music Educators Can Still Learn from the Earliest Ethnomusicologists about the Appreciation of Music.”
Journal of Historical Research in Music Education. Vol. 29/1 (October, 2007)

"Home and the Wide-World: Stephen Foster’s Enduring Theme.”
The Mid-Atlantic Almanack, Journal of the Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association. Vol. 16 (2007)

“What is Chapter 17 of Guido’s Micrologus about?—A Proposal for a New Answer.”
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music. Vol. 38/2
(December, 2007)

“Duke Ellington and the Oneness of Opposites: A Study in the Art of Motivic Composition.”
Ongakugaku: Journal of the Musicological Society of Japan. Vol. 53/1 (October, 2007)

“Aesthetic Realism and Mahler’s Sixth Symphony—Some Philosophic Light on a Symphonic Masterpiece.”
Journal of Music and Meaning. Vol. 5 (Summer, 2007)

“Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony, and the Abiding Question of Sincerity in Music.”
Three Oranges: Journal of the Sergei Prokofiev Foundation. Vol. 13 (May, 2007)

“Biography as Ethics: The Combat between Contempt and Respect in the Mind of Felix Mendelssohn.”
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music. Vol. 37/2
(December, 2006)

“What Gives Music Theater Musical Integrity?—A Study of the Opening Scene of Richard Rodgers’ South Pacific.”
Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism. Vol. 21/1 (Fall, 2006)

“The Principle of Chromatic Saturation in the Late Choral Music of Mozart
and Haydn.”

Choral Journal. Vol. 46/12 (June, 2006)

“Sir Edward Elgar, Master of Rhythm.”
The Elgar Society Journal. Vol. 14/4. (March, 2006)

“Just How Radical was Harry Partch?—“The Long-Departed Lover” in the Light of Traditional Techniques of Songwriting.”
1/1—The Journal of the Just Intonation Network. Vol. 12/2 (Spring, 2006).

“Marcabru and the Foundations of Modern Song.”
Ars Lyrica. Vol. 15 (2005-6)

“Donald Francis Tovey, Aesthetic Realism, and the Need for a Philosophic Musicology.”
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music. Vol. 36/2
(December, 2005)

“A Note on Two Conceptions of Aesthetic Realism.”
British Journal of Aesthetics. Vol. 45/4 (October, 2005)

“Singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’”
Music Educators Journal. Vol. 91/5 (May, 2005)

“Zhou Long and the Future of Chinese Music.”
Chinese Music—The Journal of the Chinese Music Society of North America. Part I: Vol. 27/4 (Winter, 2004); Part II: Vol. 28/1 (Spring, 2005)

“Music from China and the Universal Criterion for Beauty.”
Composer: USA—The Bulletin of the National Association of Composers, USA. Series IV, Vol. 8/1 (Fall, 2001)

“Contempt: The Cause of Insanity”—A Study of Two African Short Stories.”
The African Eye. Vol.1/1 (September, 2000)

“The New Romanticism.”
Sunstorm: Journal of the Arts. (July, 1984)

“Aesthetic Realism.”
Composer—Magazine of the British Music Information Centre. Number 68.
(Winter 1979/80)

“Aesthetic Realism—A New Way of Seeing Music, Education, and the World.”
The School Music News—Journal of the New York State School Music Association. Vol. 37/7 (March, 1974)

American Music.
Lawrence Gushee. Pioneers of Jazz: The Story of the Creole Band. Vol. 24/3 (Fall, 2006)

Ars Lyrica.
1. Edmund J. Goehring. Three Modes of Perception in Mozart. Vol. 16 (2008)
2. David Jenness and Don Velsey. Classic American Popular Song: The Second Half-Century, 1950-2000. (Scheduled for Vol. 17: 2009)

Composer: USA.
Nick Collins, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music. (Scheduled for Vol 15/2: Summer, 2009)

Michael Tenzer, ed. Analytical Studies in World Music. Vol. 51/2 (Spring/Summer, 2007)

International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music.
1. Christopher Butler. Pleasure and the Arts: Enjoying Literature, Painting and Music. Vol. 35/2 (December, 2004)
2. Caryl Clark, ed. The Cambridge Companion to Haydn. Vol. 37/1 (June, 2006)
3. Cliff Eisen and Simon E. Keepe, eds. The Cambridge Mozart cyclopedia. Vol 38/2 (December, 2007)
4. Mark Evans Bonds. Music as Thought: Listening to the Symphony in the Age of Beethoven. Vol. 39/1 (June, 2008)
5. Karol Berger. Bach’s Cycle, Mozart’s Arrow: An Essay on the Origin of Musical Modernity. (Scheduled for Vol. 40/2: 2009)

Journal of Music and Meaning.
1. Michael Tenzer. Gamelan Gong Kebjar: The Art of Twentieth-Century Balinese Music. #2. (Spring, 2004)
2. Nicholas Cook. The Schenker Project. (Scheduled for #8, Spring, 2009)

Journal of Popular Music Studies.
1. Maurice Peress. Dvořàk to Duke Ellington: A Conductor Explores America’s Music and Its African American Roots. Vol. 17/2. (2005)
2. Peter Van der Merwe. Roots of the Classical: The Popular Origins of Western Music. Vol. 18/1 (2006).

Journal of the Society for American Music.
1. Vivian Perlis and Libby Van Cleve. Composers’ Voices from Ives to Ellington. Vol. 1/2 (May, 2007)
2. Marva Carter. Swinging Along: The Musical Life of Will Marion Cook. Vol. 3/3 (Scheduled for Summer, 2009)

Music Educators Journal.
1. Marta Ghezzo. Solfège, Ear Training, Rhythm, Dictation and Music Theory: A Comprehensive Course. Vol. 92/4 (March, 2006)
2. Matthew Brown. Explaining Tonality: Schenkerian Theory and Beyond. Vol. 92/5 (May, 2006)
3. William Kinderman, ed. The String Quartets of Beethoven.
Vol. 93/2 (November, 2006)
4. Roger Parker. Remaking the Song: Operatic Visions and Revisions from Handel to Berio. Vol. 93/3 (January, 2007)

Newsletter of the Society for Eighteenth-Century Music.
Vjera Katalinić and Stanlislav Tuksar, eds. Musical Cultures in the Adriatic Region during the Age of Classicism. Issue 8 (April 2006)

1. Ian Bradley. Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! The Enduring Phenomenon of Gilbert and Sullivan. Vol. 62/3. (March 2006)
2. Arnold Schoenberg. The Musical Idea, and the Logic, Technique, and Art of Its Presentation. Eds. Patricia Carpenter and Severine Neff. Vol. 63/4. (June, 2007)

Popular Music and Society.
Raymond Knapp. The American Musical and the Formation of National Identity, reviewed in conjunction with his The American Musical and the Performance of Personal Identity. Vol. 31/2 (May, 2008)

Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies.
Jeffrey S. Sposato. The Price of Assimilation: Felix Mendelssohn and the Nineteenth-Century Anti-Semitic Tradition. Vol. 25/3 (Spring, 2007)

Yearbook for Traditional Music.
“Wesleyan Virtual Instrument Museum”—internet site review. Vol .37 (2005)

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