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Aesthetic Realism Foundation,

Manhattan School of Music


—Current Projects—

I am now in the midst of composing a full-length ballet based on Milton's Paradise Lost, and have just been commissioned to write a Viola Concerto by The Orchestra of the Swan, in Stratford, England. Future projects include a string quartet with an accompanying video based on the work of the important Belgian graphic artist Frans Masereel. In terms of recordings, a North/South Consonance CD which includes my Concerto for Clarinet and Strings will be released early in 2017, and please read below about a full CD of my music planned for release later in 2017 by Bridge Records.

Project with Bridge Records

Dear Friends,

I would like you to know about an important opportunity that has come my way as a composer and to ask you to consider supporting this project financially. The support would be tax-deductible, as I'll explain later.

Bridge Records, a company celebrated for its dedication to contemporary classical music, would like to schedule a 2017 release of a CD of my chamber music. I'm thrilled by this, and here's why: though my music has appeared on several CDs in the past, and one of these works, Concertino for Piano and Chamber Orchestra, earned a 2010 Grammy nomination for Best Classical Contemporary Composition, the Bridge CD would be the first dedicated entirely to my music.

Three works are to be on it: my Brass Quintet (winner of the International Kodaly Composer's Competition, 1995), my Piano Sextet (premiered, Manhattan School of Music, 2012), and Sextet for Alto Saxophone and Brass (premiered at the Kennedy Center, 2002). Each of these compositions was inspired by my study of Aesthetic Realism and the grand philosophic principle at its center, stated by Eli Siegel, the founder of Aesthetic Realism, with whom I had the honor to study:

“All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of opposites is what we are going after in ourselves.”

That study has been the joy of my life; the animating force behind my music; the reason I feel so deeply fortunate as a composer.

I needn't tell you that the economics of contemporary concert music is daunting. No CD of new classical music is able to be produced at this time without substantial support, both from non-profit cultural foundations and from individual patrons of the arts. The budget for this project is approximately $40,000, and Bridge estimates that they will likely be able to raise about $15-20,000 from foundations, which leaves us the necessity of finding the remainder from individual contributions.

I have been advised that the more foundations see there is support from the public, the more likely they are to be generous in turn. Hence my need to reach out to you, and other possible supporters early on to make it possible for Bridge, and I, to meet our hoped-for-goal of releasing this CD in 2017.If you would like to see a detailed break-down of the costs, I'd be happy to send it.

I feel honored by the superb quality of the musicians who have shown their eagerness to take part in this project. And Bridge Records, itself, has an exceptional history: they have earned 30 Grammy nominations, three Grammy awards, four ASCAP "Deems Taylor Awards," as well as hundreds of awards and citations from publications and industry journals.

Your contribution, in other words, would be to a project of which I believe you can be proud. Should you feel it is right for me to mention your name in the linear notes as someone who helped make the CD possible, I would do so with a grateful heart. If you know of others who take an active interest in supporting the arts, whom you could inform about this project—or might tell me about so I could reach out to them directly, I'd also be grateful.

The New York Foundation for the Arts is the not-for-profit 501(3c) foundation to whom contributions are to be made. The Foundation will send a letter of acknowledgment for your tax records. On-line donations can be made at:


Please write "Great Performances / Ed Green" in the "Leave a Note" window. This will ensure that your contribution goes to Bridge, and also, specifically, to this project. If you'd rather send a check, it should be mailed to:

New York Foundation for the Arts
attn: Fiscal Sponsorship
20 Jay Street 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

In this case, indicate the name of the project in the "Memo" portion of your check.

For amounts of $2500 or more, NYFA requests a brief note from the contributor. The Coordinator for the project, Becky Starobin of Bridge Records, told me it could be as simple as:

Please find enclosed a contribution for the New York Foundation for the Arts in the amount of $________.  It is my wish that this contribution will be used to support the project of Bridge Records: "Great Performances / Ed Green.

And thank you so much for taking out the time to consider this request.

Sincerely and with all best wishes,
Ed Green

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