Edward Green
Dr. Edward Green, Composer
Aesthetic Realism Foundation,
Manhattan School of Music

Mark Scatterday
Mark Scatterday
Music Director
Eastman Wind Ensemble

Andy Pease
Andy Pease
Music Director
Columbia University
Wind Ensemble

A New Symphony for Winds, Brass and Percussion
by Edward Green

A Consortium Opportunity
(deadline: July 1, 2011)

Mark Scatterday of the Eastman Wind Ensemble and Andrew Pease of the Columbia University Wind Ensemble are pleased to announce the opportunity to join a consortium for a new symphony for band by New York composer Edward Green.

Green, a professor at Manhattan School of Music, who teaches as well at the renowned Aesthetic Realism Foundation, is a Fulbright scholar and a Grammy-nominated composer. His output includes both a rich variety of concert music and film scores—including for the Emmy Award-winning director Ken Kimmelman. He has spent the last year working with Pease and the Columbia Wind Ensemble on the premieres of his Overture in E-flat.

Eastman and Columbia are now the first members of the consortium that will commission Green to create three additional movements of new material for a symphony which will open with the Overture in E-flat.

See a score and hear a MIDI realization (in mp3 format)
of the Overture in E-flat.


A $500 buy-in fee gives each consortium member a full score and set of parts of the complete work and exclusive, unlimited performance rights through the end of the 2012-13 school year. To express your interest or to get more information about this project, contact Andrew Pease at misterpease@gmail.com